Meditation retreat with Beth Upton

This 26 day silent retreat is open to beginners as well as advanced meditators, with personal instruction available to all participants. Priority will be given to those who can join for the whole 26 days with some places available for 11 or 16 days (joining the retreat on February 1 or 11). The instructions will be in English with translation to Russian and Latvian.


Start: February 1, 2023 

End: February 26, 2023 

Venue: Brūveri, Siguldas novads, Latvia


The teacher of the retreat is Beth Upton.

Beth was born in 1982 in London. She graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics, then in 2008 ordained as a Buddhist nun at Pa Auk Meditation Centre in Myanmar. She spent five years training diligently in meditation in the Theravada tradition under the guidance of Pa Auk Sayadaw, then a further five years training in other meditation methods and doing long solo retreats. In 2014 Beth founded Sanditthika Meditation Community in the caves of Almeria, Spain. In 2018, after ten years of monastic life, Beth decided to disrobe in order to integrate some of the challenges of western life into her Dhamma practice. Beth has been teaching meditation since 2014 both in Almeria and in meditation retreats around the world.

The teacher's website.


Cost of the whole retreat (including lodging and meals) is 850 Eur (for 11 days: 370 Eur; 16 days: 530 Eur). 

To secure a place in the retreat, please make sure you have transferred 400 Eur by December 10.  If you have already paid 50 Eur on registration, you have to transfer another 350 Eur. The remaining 450 Eur, please bring along in cash and pay on your arrival. 

If you do not make the transfer by December 10, organizers will consider that you are unable to attend and give your place to people from the waiting-list. We have to be this strict in order to avoid late cancellations which will preclude people from waiting-list making use of this opportunity.

For those taking part for 11 days pre-payment is 200 Eur, and for 16 days the pre-payment is 300 Eur. For these participants the payment also must be made by December 10.

The cost of the retreat includes only the expenses of organizing the event. It does not include any remuneration for the teacher. Beth offers her time and teachings as a gift, and only invites meditators to support her in return so that she may continue to do this work (see: https://bethupton.com/support-my-work/)



Registration is now open only to full time participants (26 days). Others can register only for waiting-list. See: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17QbLTBPUVvoAlFAbWKF9Pvg_4JinJ5KuKQnsIa2Yf0c/edit. Organizers will contact you if and when any places become available. Those who register for waiting list, please do not make any payments, before we have notified you that a place is available. If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please contact. If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please contact

Edmunds: ebroks@gmail.com

                tel.+371 29121497

PLEASE NOTE: The retreat will take place only if COVID rules in Latvia in February 2023 will allow residential retreats. If the retreat is cancelled all the payments from participants will be returned.

Bank details

Recipient: Latvijas Teravādas Budisma biedrība

Registration nummber of the recipient: 40008091614

Registered address: Rīga, Sniedzes iela 13, LV-1015



IBAN: LV78HABA0551010398468

Purpose of Payment: „RETREAT in 2023 february”



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